Boxing2-300x300What is next for you Shawn when are you guys looking to get back in the ring and make the first defence of your title?

After Speaking with my dad/manager today, we are still unsure of the direction we are going to head. He’s thinking we’ll get back in the ring sometime in April. He knows I want to fight asap.

In an ideal world who who would you like to face next? Both you and Marcos Maidana had a huge year in 2013, am I right in presuming a unification with him would be almost top of your wish list?

Yessir you are correct. I wanted that fight as soon as he beat Broner, I would love to unify the titles with a fight against Marcos Maidana. I think that’s a great exciting fight that I can win!!

Everyone is competing to be a part of the May 3rd Mayweather card, Your name keeps popping up as possibly one of the undercard fighters is there any truth here?

I don’t know yet. Mayweathers fights are always a big event. And even though I would love a shot at the guy, I wouldn’t mind being apart of such a big event.

I’m sure you have been following this whole Floyd Mayweather sweepstakes saga involving Marcos Maidana and Amir Khan, what is your take on this and which fighter would you like to see face Floyd most?

My take is put me in the dang sweepstakes!! I don’t know who he fights. I think vs Khan, we’ll see a much better boxing performance Vs Maidana I think Floyd will outbox him, and make him look worst than he really is!

What is the situation with you and Devon Alexander I know there was no rematch clause but  word is that you may be rematching him?

article-0-19F3153400000578-180_634x444No rematch with Devon. That was discussed briefly between my dad/manager and I. We both agree that I took the belt from him, and he has to bounce back with some big wins before he gets a 2nd chance…. There was no rematch clause written into the contracts prior to our fight.

You recently said you would be willing to face legendary Mexican fighter Juan Manuel Marquez and since he is looking to fight for a Welterweight title I guess this is a fight that both fighters would like, but realistically is this an option him being with Top Rank, have you and your team spoke about this fight and is this a serious option or is it just wishful thinking champ?

I don’t know how realistic it is. I’m signed with Haymon and we all know how Haymon and Arum do business… They don’t. But for me it’s a fight I would take, and approach like there is no tomorrow.

Many names have been thrown around as potential opponents for you next Shawn from Keith Thurman to Paulie Malignaggi and even Amir Khan (presuming he does not get the Floyd fight) stylistically who do you think you would matchup best with, secondly which would you prefer to face and why?

I’m 1 of the most diverse and athletic fighters in the game. I can match up with anyone you put me up against. 

Shawn I noticed you have been training with some of Virgil Hunters’s guys (Amir Khan, Andre Berto and Alfredo Anguelo) have you sparred with either of the two, how did this come about talk to us about this?

I haven’t sparred with any of those fighters. I was recently in San Carlos doing some training and Amir and Alfredo Joined in 1 of my sessions. Aside from that we don’t see much of each other.

By Esmeralda Cordova