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It was recently confirmed that Tony Bellew 20-1-1, 12 (KOS) will get his shot at the WBC 175 champ, currently that is Adonis Stevenson’s but he has a voluntary title defense against Tavoris Cloud confirmed today for September 28th. Bellew told me he plan to be ringside to see who he will be fighting on Nov. 30 a date which is also his birthday. Check it out!

On becoming mandatory for the WBC Light Heavyweight title.
-I’ve worked long and hard to become the mandatory challenger for the WBC title so to finally get here is great, but make no mistake I’ve not achieved what I set out to just yet and until I do I won’t be truly satisfied or happy.. My goal was to beat the no.1 fighter at 175lbs I’m within touching distance of that now. I’m just enjoying training and preparing my body for what I see as my toughest camp to date.. Ill leave no stone unturned and I’m ready to go to hell and back, I’m really excited about what my future holds,

On current Ring Magazine and WBC Champion Adonis Stevenson and his devastating KO upset over former champion Chad Dawson
- I’ve known about him for some time as he boxed a very good friend of mine in the amateur ranks, I wasn’t shocked what he did to Dawson at all, I was totally shocked at the way Dawson approached the fight ill say that much, I think he got under Chad’s skin to be honest, he showed him no respect and met him head on! It’s easy me sitting here saying it but let’s be honest, Dawson is twice the fighter Stevenson is but the fact remains he got knocked out cos he didn’t stick to his strengths.. Lets see how he is after say 6 or 7 rounds? Can he go backwards? Can he get off the floor to win? Can he go 12 rounds at a pace? Say what you want about me and what I can do but one thing is for sure, I’ve answered all them questions on numerous occasions..

Chad Dawson, Adonis Stevenson,- For me Chad didn’t show Stevenson the respect he deserves.. I feel he’s one of the biggest punchers P4P in the world right now but like I said I don’t think Chad thought that, hence why he went on the front foot from the get go..

- I rate him as a serious puncher, his skill set has most definitely improved since his switch to the Kronk.. He spent valuable time under the legendary Emmanuel Steward, for me one of the greatest trainers ever (R.I.P).. BUT the fact still remains to be seen whether he can adapt? I don’t think he can to be honest, I feel once the going gets tough he’ll revert to type as do 90% of fighters, for me he’s a very dangerous and explosive fighter but he’s also a man who runs out of ideas. I plan to expose his weak points when we collide..


On Adonis Stevenson calling out the likes of Bernard Hopkins & Andre Ward and possibly over looking him
- I think he’s just thinking about the biggest fights out there, I don’t think there is anything wrong in that, as for looking past myself and Cloud, He has to remember he got his shot through pure luck! He didn’t work his way up the 175lbs rankings. He was a mandatory challenger for Carl Froch at 168lbs. He basically got handed an opportunity, he was from Canada and they had to fulfil an obligation from the Pascal Dawson saga after Pascal chose the money fight with Bute. He got his opportunity through pure luck, got to be honest though and say, boy did he take that opportunity alright..

Is Stevenson playing mind games or does he genuinely not know much about him.
- I honestly believe he has no idea who I am and what I’m about, one thing is certain though, if he comes though Cloud and that’s a big IF for me then he’s gonna meet someone in me who he hasn’t seen before and someone he can’t intimidate either! I don’t give a fuck where this midget is from and where he’s been! All I care about is becoming a world champion and he’s standing in my way right now.

On what advantages he feels he has over the current champ Adonis Stevenson
- Well being 6ft 3 and he’s 5ft nothing will give me advantages and some disadvantages too, it’s all about who gets it right tactically on the night. For me he’s never really had to use his boxing brain where as I have on numerous occasions, his power has come through on 95% of the fights he’s had, we’ll soon see on fight night were the advantages lie…

On him having a short lay off before the fight
- I see the extra time off as a huge bonus, I’ve been the most active light heavyweight in the world over the last 16 months, I’ve fought 5 twelve round fights back to back. I boxed Chilemba twice in the space of 9 weeks, how many fighters do that? Everyone said Chilemba was going to beat me? Well I dealt with him and I’ll deal with either Cloud or Stevenson. One thing is certain, if you prepare the way I prepare for fights then you’ll know it’s very hard coming out of 1 camp and then going straight back into another camp with only a small rest Inbetween.. I’ve done it on numerous occasions so know.

If he plans on being ringside for the fight between Stevenson and Cloud
- It’s highly likely I’ll be sitting there watching the fight yes.

When asked if I’m correct in presuming he is picking Stevenson to retain his title.
- Your correct there I do see Stevenson winning however if this fight goes past 6 rounds then I see it as a real 50/50 fight, Stevenson hasn’t been in with a guy who is trying to do him damage in the later rounds. Is he prepared for the 12 rounds? We know Cloud is. Like I said previously Stevenson is highly untested and IMO his power has won him everything so far. I just hope he hasn’t fallen in love with his power and started to believe his own hype cos it happens and it happens after results like he’s just had. Nothing shocks me in this business anymore, if you fail to prepare then prepare to fail. I hope Stevenson turns up 100% if he does I see it being over inside 4 rounds, if he doesn’t I see it being a war.

Who would his preferred opponent be for Nov
- I would personally prefer to face Stevenson purely because he is the man who defeated Dawson who I regarded as the top dog at 175lbs. There making out like Stevenson is the second coming of Mike Tyson, I personally don’t buy into like Darnell Boone didn’t and I plan on showing him that too…

On a possibly taking a “Stay busy” fight before Challenging the winner of Stevenson VS Cloud.
- I’m in constant contact with Eddie, one thing is for certain with Eddie, he’s honest.. I might not like what he has to say all the time but I can be certain of one thing. It is the TRUTH.. We spoke about a warm up fight in September but ill be honest my team said it wasn’t a good idea and I go with what they said, I’ve done 2 camps back to back on a few occasions now and to be honest I’ve broken down mid way through them. Your body can only take so much, Every fighter at this level trains hard. I didn’t become mandatory challenger playing cards and drinking Stella. It’s about being smart with your training and your body I’m trying to add longevity to my career, I believe this little rest will bring the best out in me..


On what the fans should expect from him come fight night when he challenges for the WBC title.
- Assuming everything goes to plan and me and Stevenson are in a ring on November 30th then you can expect a disciplined and measured performance from me.. Ill also go on record as saying that if it is Stevenson ill be facing then expect a career best display from me cos that’s what it’s gonna take..

On the likely scenario that he has to travel to Canada (Presuming Stevenson gets past former champ Cloud)
- The thought of going to Canada excites me so much. People who really know me know that it’s a little dream of mine to go to someone else’s backyard and just do a complete job on someone and that’s exactly what I expect to do to Adonis Stevenson. I plan on taking the bully into deep waters and drowning him. I’m not worried at all about judges and stuff coming into play, I feel the WBC is a great organisation and they’ll give me a level playing field and that’s all I ask for, I will do the rest myself..

On his good friend and fellow stalemate Darren Barker challenging Daniel Geale for the IBF Middleweight title.
- Darren has been very unlucky these last few years but I firmly believe its his time now and can see him coming through a close but deserved winner. I can’t say I know a great deal about Geale, He was a very accomplished amateur so that proves he has skills and has some really good names on his record like Sturm. He’s a goos fighter. You don’t become world champion for free, however I just feel Darren has been there and done it and has learned valuable lessons in big fights, very similar to myself.. He’s shown a tremendous amount of character to come back from what he’s come back from so I feel it’s made him a lot resilient and I think that’ll be the difference against Geale. Experience and skills..

On November 30th the day he gets the biggest fight of his career also being the day of his birthday!
- Your correct November 30th is my birthday. Fate? I don’t know? I believe everything happens for a reason. It’s going to be something else it really is.. Like I’ve said I just hope everything goes to plan an me and Stevenson are squaring up to each other on that date..Thanks for having me and kind regards pal..

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